M42 Lens Collection 



Since the advent of the digital SLR with all of it's automation the old M42 lenses have fallen from favour for the majority of users. However I, for one, and I'm sure there are many others, feel that these classic old lenses still have a lot to offer.

Over the last few years I have started to accumulate quite a good collection of these and with the help of a simple adapter have been able to attach them to my Pentax and bring them back to life. This area of the site is now devoted entirely to the range of M42 lenses I currently have, a collection which is steadily growing. I am now constantly on the lookout for more examples, which are generally available for just a few pounds. Many of them will need some maintenance and I have become quite adept  at stripping, cleaning and re-greasing. Not all of the lenses listed are SLR types, some have been adapted from Folding camera lens and shutter assemblies but as these are purely manual I have included them with M42.

Note: The focal length quoted below is the 35mm size, allowing for a crop factor of 1.5 with the Pentax the effective focal length is shown in brackets.




Focal Length



Carl Zeiss Fektagon 35mm (52mm) Manual/Automatic OEM Praktica
Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm (75mm) Manual/Automatic OEM Praktica
Carl Zeiss Jena 135mm (202mm) Manual/Automatic OEM Praktica
Pentacon auto 50mm (75mm) Manual/Automatic OEM Praktica
Pentacon Auto 29mm (44mm) Manual/Automatic OEM Praktica
Galaxy  100mm (150mm) Manual Accessory
Helios 44 58mm (87mm) Manual OEM Zenit
Helios 44M 58mm (87mm) Manual/Automatic OEM Zenit
Jupiter 11A 135mm (202mm) Manual Accessory
Soligor 200mm (300mm) Manual Accessory
Optomax  135mm (202mm) Manual/Automatic Accessory
Optomax 200mm (300mm) Manual/Automatic Accessory
Optomax 200mm (300mm) Manual Accessory
Optomax 300mm (450mm) Manual Accessory
Steiner Bayreuth 75mm (112mm) Shutter Assembly Manual OEM Foitzig Folder
Auto Beroflex 135mm (202mm) Manual/Automatic Accessory
Petri CC Auto 28mm (42mm) Manual/Automatic OEM Petri
Adoxar   75mm (112mm) Shutter Assembly Manual OEM Adox Golf
Hanimex 80mm - 200mm (120-300mm) Manual/Automatic Accessory
Hoya 28mm (42mm) Automatic Accessory
Makinon 28mm - 80mm (42-120mm) Zoom/Automatic Accessory
Super Takumar 29mm (43mm) Manual/Automatic OEM Pentax
Super Takumar 50mm (75mm) Manual/Automatic OEM Pentax
Photax Paragon 135mm (202mm) Manual/Automatic Accessory


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