Auto Beroflex 135


Type: Manual/Automatic

Focal Length: 135mm

Aperture Range: f2.8 - f22

Filter Thread: 55mm



An interesting lens here, 135mm telephoto in a very short body which is only fractionally longer than an average 50mm. Also, in performance it is unusual in that it seems to prefer the wider view to close up. In my experience I have found that 135mm lenses usually make great close up lenses but not great on the longer shots. Maybe its something to do with that short body length but this defies that description.


Normally I would expect a 135 to be selective and focus within a limited range, yet this is happy to focus through to the centre of the park some 40mts away

Not that its bad on the close range but the depth of focus seems more limited here than on the long shot


Looking at the picture on the left gives an indication of the limited focus, just a thin band about a quarter of the way into the shot. Nice bokeh though.


Very clear and sharp on these shots...

...especially considering the cloudy day


Autumn is taking its toll on the greenery, but I can still get a cuppa from the kiosk. It has been upgraded since this photo was taken.


A couple more close ups to show that it is capable provided you are aware of its limitations. All in all a good versatile lens, I must use it again sometime.


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