Helios 44m Manual/Auto



Type: Manual/Automatic

Focal Length: 58mm

Aperture Range: f2- f16

Filter Thread: 52mm



Beware the later Helios lenses, there are 2 variants, the 44m and the 44auto. The 44m has a kick down pin for auto function, but also has a switch on the lens body for manual operation. The 44 auto does not have the switch and without the kick down pin being depressed will only shoot at full open f2. Apart form this anomaly, the glassware is exactly the same as the earlier Helios 44 models and just as good. Personally I prefer the earlier 44s because of the pre set stop down. It is easier to open to full aperture for focusing then flip down to the preset to shoot, with this one you open to full then you need to count the clicks to get to the aperture you need. However, on the up side, the build quality is better and they rarely need attention.


One of my favourite rose shots of all time, and I have hundreds

But just as happy on the longer range


With an effective 87mm it allows you to get up close without actually getting too close.



For a 58mm lens, which has an effective 87mm, it has very good close up capability.


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