Steiner Bayreuth 75


Type: Shutter Assembly Manual

Focal Length: 75mm

Aperture Range: f3.5 - f22

Filter: 32mm Push Fit 



A few years ago I bought a folding MF camera called a Foitzig Foinix but sadly it had a chronic light leak which I suspected to be the bellows. All was not lost however, because I hit upon the idea of mounting the lens and shutter assembly onto a 42mm blanking cap. Since then I've never looked back and this has been one of my favourite lenses. Steiner, for those who don't know, are a leader in the field of binoculars but during the 1950's, like most German companies, they turned to other markets to sustain their business. Karl Foitzig wanted a bespoke lens assembly that was a cut above the average and he approached Steiner to make lenses for him. Shortly afterward he bought into another lens company and Steiner was dropped, so these lenses are relatively rare.

When mounted on a MF camera it has a focal length of 75mm so the conversion was a bit hit and miss until I got the spacing right. I have a spacer which gives full range focus but this gives a minimum distance of around 1.5 metres so I have a second spacer which I use for closer work. The results have been well worth the effort I put into adapting the lens as I'm sure you will agree from the images below. 


One of the things I love the most is the slightly soft look with a silk smooth bokeh behind.


Close up is definitely its forte

Like tiny yellow flowers...

...or a budding Azalea


But, it handles the wider view well when the light is right


Depth of focus is limited...

...so it is important to target your point of focus


Like the centre of this gorgeous pink rose...

...but, it doesn't always work


It is really good for making a subject stand out in front of a background


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