Helios 44 and 44-2 Manual


Type: Manual Pre-set

Focal Length: 58mm

Aperture Range: f2- f16

Filter Thread: 49mm


Another of my top 5 greatest lenses, the Helios 44 and 44-2, from the Zenit range. Fundamentally the same lens, except that some of the early 44s had a 39mm thread mount for the Zenit 3m but later versions, and the 44-2, were 42mm. Made in Russia as a reverse engineered version of the Carl Zeiss Planer f2 lens. Fitted as standard to the Zenit range of cameras, these were responsible for giving the hefty Russian cameras a reputation for performance, even if their handling left a little to be desired. They do, however, often require some maintenance as they tend to work loose and focusing can be a bit erratic. 





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