Galaxy 100


Type: Manual Pre-set

Focal Length: 100mm

Aperture Range: f4 - f16

Filter Thread: 40mm

Iris type: Perfect Circle Multi Blade


This is without doubt one of my top 5 favourite lenses. It is entirely manual with pre-select manual stop down, hence the two aluminium rings at the front. The only downside is that it is technically a T mount, not M42, and therefore needs a thread adaptor. In case you don't know, T mount is 42mm but with a slightly different thread pitch. Fortunately I have been able to modify an M42 to Pentax K adaptor to make it useable, and I'm so glad I did.

The way this lens can pick out the rose and make it stand out from the background is one of the reasons why I love this lens. The picture on the right has people guessing what it is, well it's actually a crab apple tree with an abundance of tiny fruit.

The picture above left I call Ring O' Roses and is one of my top puzzle site pieces.  The cyclamen to the right is another example of the beautiful selective focusing value of this lens.

The adaptor must be working just right because infinity focus is fine as you can see here.


And, with a little help from a spacer close ups of tiny flowers works just fine also.

For an old lens with an effective focal length of 150mm it is incredibly versatile. That is the great advantage of a manual focus lens with manual stop down, you can see exactly what you will get before you shoot.


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