Medium Format 


The list of cameras below is a list of medium format cameras in my collection or have been used to provide the sample images and have been moved on or pensioned off. These include Box types, TLR, Folders and Rigid.


Note: Where it says Untested this usually means "in the field". All cameras are checked for mechanical efficiency when they arrive and any maintenance carried out before they can be used in the field.

Film Type



Current Status

120 Roll Kodak Brownie 2 Fully Operational
620 Roll Kodak Brownie 620 Untested
620 Roll Kodak Six-20 Junior Untested
120 Roll Lubitel 2 Fully Operational
120 Roll Franka Solida 3 Fully operational
Postcard Plate or Roll Film? Ica Halloh 506 Operational
120 Roll Adox Golf Fully Operational
120 Roll Zeiss Ikon Nettar Fully Operational
120 Roll Ensign Selfix 320 Fully Operational
120 Roll Mamiya RB645 Fully Operational
120 Roll Foitzig Foinix Fully Operational
120/136 Roll Halina 6-4 Untested


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