Ica Halloh 506


The technical stuff:

Type: Folding Bellows Type Postcard Plate or roll film.

Lens: Ica Extra Rapid Aplanat Helios f8 - f36 130mm

Shutter: Ica 3 speed +B + Z(T) 25,50,100



Now this is something completely different. After extensive research I have established that this is pre 1922 Postcard Plate camera but precisely what year I don't know. I have found reference to it in a 1922 Ica products catalogue and it was already an established model at this time. What I'm looking for is a date when the "f stop" EV range was standardised because this has unusual f stops of f8, 12.5, 18, 25, 36 thereby using the second third instead of the usual first third. It can use either Postcard sized plates 90 x 120 or a roll film the type of which I have not yet established. This particular example has, by the ingenuity of a previous owner, the capability of using 120 roll film with special spindles and a home made screen for 60 x 90. It's in absolutely immaculate condition and fully working. Whether or not I will be able to use it is another matter. I could use the 120 film option but this would not do justice to it, I would much rather try to obtain some plates/holders and use it with sheet negatives. Watch this space.

The wait is over, having tried, unsuccessfully, to create plate images I have gone for the soft option and used it with a 120 roll. Incidentally the adaptors were for 620 not 120 as I originally thought so I had to re-roll the film onto the 620 spindles. I don't have the facility for scanning at 6 x 9 so these images have been scanned in two parts then stitched together. Not ideal but it shows that this is still a very capable camera at nearly 100 years old, and on colour negative film using a non coated lens.






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