Zeiss Ikon Nettar


The technical stuff:

Camera type: Folding Bellows Medium Format 6cm x 6cm on 120 roll film

Lens Type: Zeiss Novar 75mm f4.5

Shutter Type: Pronto 4 speed + B 25,50,100,200




Finally I have a Zeiss Ikon camera, at the third attempt, the previous two were non runners.

This is, of course, a medium format folder which is fundamentally in excellent condition. However, the paintwork has chipped off almost all of the alluminium surfaces. The lens assembly is superb with a smooth action and crystal clear glassware, the bellows seem fine and the interior is spotless. I am very much looking forward to putting some film through this but I will wait for the spring because I want to do justice to this legendary camera.

Justice has been served and the verdict is...guilty of producing some fine images. This is the first M/F folder I have used which reminds me to cock the shutter because the lever is in sight of the viewfinder when it's not cocked. I wasted 2 shots using the Foinix for this because once you've pressed the trigger the only way to fire it again is to wind on. This was a really super camera to use, light and smooth with a nice clear viewfinder.





























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