Lubitel 2


The technical stuff:

Type: Twin Lens Reflex 6cm x 6cm on 120 film

Lens: 75mm f4.5 - f22 Linked focus to viewfinder

Shutter: 5 Speed + B 15,30,60,125,250


The Russian equivalent to a Rollei, just, this is from the "classic" Russian period when their cameras were made to a standard unlike the later models when price over-rode the quality.

In use I didn't find this an easy camera, maybe because I'm not accustomed to using a TLR type. Focusing was my biggest difficulty and with medium format this is critical. Using a waist level finder is a problem for me because I don't normally wear spectacles so I don't take them with me but I do need them for close work. Unlike a viewfinder/rangefinder which has a relatively wide depth of field and can be easily scale focused or an SLR which is, of course, focused through the lens this TLR requires focus at close range. This, coupled with the problems I am having with scanning these images has left me short of pictures suitable for publishing. However I have managed the half dozen which is enough to show what the camera is capable of. The lens is clear and sharp when the focus is right and it has good detail resolution. I am, in this instance more than usual, confident that someone with more experience of the TLR format could do much better. The camera itself I found rather clumsy to use and the shutter release is very difficult to operate, the cocking lever almost touches the shutter release when cocked and I did ruin one picture by getting my finger in the way and stopping the cocking lever returning. This problem can be resolved by using a cable release, however, this is also a bit tricky without a tripod to hold the camera.























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