Parks and Gardens

The wider view



Municipal Parks and Gardens:

Almost every town or borough council has a budget for parks and gardens, some large and some small. Some local authorities take great pride in their parks where others deem it as a chore. All towns provide a park or open space for their local community, however, this may be no more than a recreation field. My interest is in areas which include some form of formal garden or redeeming feature. There may also be places where there is no park with garden but the town might be ablaze with colourful tubs and planters which will be maintained by the parks and gardens department.


Town Garden

Swindon, Witshire

John Coles Park

Chippenham Town, Wiltshire

Town Hall Park

Trowbridge, Wiltshire



Formal and Visitor Gardens:

These are the gardens usually attached to stately homes but could also be something less esoteric like the vicarage gardens opened once or twice a year for charity or private gardens listed under the National Gardens Scheme (


Ilford Manor

Sharcott Manor





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