Sharcott Manor


Another of those manor houses in the Wiltshire countryside hidden away from the main roads. Like Ilford this is also along a narrow lane in the middle of nowhere, but without the hill. This particular feature is tinged with sadness in that the property is for sale and currently is not opening to the public. At the time of my visit it was a member of the National Gardens Scheme which listed private gardens open to the public periodically. In this case it was the first Wednesday of the month from April to September, 6 days a year, and raised money for local charities. In the circumstances rather than giving continuous commentary I will let the pictures do the talking for the most part. I have a large number of pictures from both digital and film. As the garden is, at the moment, no longer open this may be the only chance to see it. There are more images from this garden in the flowers section which are detailed close ups of some of the flowers and shrubs. The film camera used was one of those plastic pocket cameras from the 1980s much maligned by the press, albeit a high end model, the digital was an old 3mp bridge.




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