Other Formats


As I currently only have a few other format cameras I have grouped them on one page but if this area grows it will be divided up.


Note: Where it says Untested this usually means "in the field". All cameras are checked for mechanical efficiency when they arrive and any maintenance carried out before they can be used in the field.


Film Type



Current Status

110 Cassette Minolta 110 SLR Mk2 Semi Operational
126 Cassette Kodak Instamatic 277 Fully Operational but..
APS Cassette Minolta Vectis 2000 Fully Operational
APS Cassette Konica Revio Fully Operational
APS Cassette Minolta Vectis 100   Untested
APS Cassette Olympus i zoom 2000   Untested
APS Cassette Chinon AP700S Untested


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