Minolta Vectis 2000 (APS)


The technical stuff:

Camera type: APS Compact

Lens Type: Minolta Zoom 

Shutter Type: Automatic



I just couldn't resist this. When it's folded down it's so tiny, I felt sorry for it. So I took it home to care for it and see if it grows up at all. Joking aside, it is such a neat little camera and in superb condition and it came with all of it's original packaging and instruction booklet. After all it is a Minolta and regular visitors will know I have a weakness there. It has oodles of functionality on the back panel, for which I will need to consult the handbook, and a tiny but no doubt efficient lens. The only minor down mark I can give is that it is totally dependant on battery even to the extent that the film door has an electronic lock, so you can't even remove the film without a charged battery in it. I think a spare battery with this is obligatory.

Well I've finally used the first roll of film in this little monster. It hasn't been the best time I've had with a small APS camera and certainly not what I expected. In use I found it clumsy because it is very small and I know that sounds like a contradiction but what I mean is that the camera and the controls are so small and fiddly it was a problem for me to handle. The results are fairly typical for an APS, good at 6 x 4 but don't push your luck with larger sizes. The tiny lens produced some respectably sharp images and I was impressed with the perspective control considering it has such a small lens. I don't think I shall be using this one again but mainly because of the handling issues rather than the image quality.




















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