Konica Revio (APS)


The technical stuff:

Type: APS Compact

Lens: Konica

Shutter: Automatic



I have to say I'm not big on APS cameras but they do have a great advantage in portability. This is so small it can sit in the palm of my hand and has the zoom equivalent of a 35 - 70mm (24 - 48mm)lens, based on 35mm standard. It has a set of function buttons on the back for different flash settings and infinity focus etc. along with the customary choice of view for panoramic (pointless), 3:2 and 4:3 formats. Who dreamed up the idea of panoramic in an APS C size negative when all you get is a cut down image stretched out to fit across 2 frames. I'm sure there must be a use for it but I haven't found it yet. Anyway, it is of sturdy metal construction and has the feel of a good piece and with a Konica lens should perform very well. I have some APS film so I will take it out for a spin when I get chance.

Chance has arrived and I have a couple of days over Easter to go out with cameras. Starting in Stroud for a bit of camera searching then to Weston Super Mare with a couple of shots along the beach and finally to Buscot Park. Performance of this very compact and portable instrument is less than brilliant, given that 2 of the 3 days were bright sunshine which wouldn't pose a challenge to many cameras. As usual with these very small lenses the converging verticals are really bad, I have pulled a couple out with software but this introduces other distortions.





























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