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Back in the day when this coach ruled the roads photography was governed by film choice, and digital imaging was but a distant dream.

This site is primarily devoted to this era and contains areas covering 35mm and other types of film, hence obscura 135. Obscura referring to the original camera obscura to which the later film camera owes it heritage. 135 being the technical name for 35mm film which began life in the 1940's and became the most popular format for the next 60 years. Currently this site is a bit outdated and is due for a major overhaul, which will involve splitting the site into smaller parts devoted to 35mm and other types separately. There are additional areas covering digital and an area covering the use of old film lenses on modern digital SLRs. In addition to this there will be new sections on travel, which is currently in development,  and a project to build a full plate camera from scratch once it gets underway.

The 35mil plus site is now here Come on in

The Travel site is here bear in mind this is a developing site in a constant state of change

and now...A whole new project photographing the municipal parks and gardens of England. Two of my favourite subjects in one hit, travelling and photographing flowers and gardens. Come for a stroll in the gardens