Chocks away chaps here we go

Welcome to my new travel log.

For visitors from the world at large by way of an introduction and as a prelude to the site and its purpose.

My name is Mark and I have recently retired from full time employment. Of the many things I now have time to do, one of these is to follow in the footsteps of Francis Frith, a pioneer of photography who made it his quest in 1860 to set off and photograph every village and town in England, particularly those with points of interest or note. There is a website devoted to his work and the work of his company stretching from the late 19th century until 1970 when the company finally closed. This site is to document my travels covering some, hopefully many, of the locations visited by Frith and with images taken from as near to the original as is practical, thereby showing any changes between the original and present day. Already this plan has started to backfire on me because my personal interest in many of the towns I visit is in the old buildings and architecture of the region. However, many of the locations have strict preservation orders applied so there are few, if any, changes. This aside there are changes which are apparent if you look at the wider picture, things like the shops and the types of businesses and the goods being offerred for sale, for example, you'd be hard pressed to find a travel shop in the 1890s. Another change is in the pace of life and the number of people in what is now a very busy town centre.

Note: I had planned to use the Frith originals alongside my new images but this would constitute an infringement of copywright, so I have included a hyperlink to the relevant site page instead.

To my former colleagues and friends. The camera shop voucher I was presented with on my leaving has now been used as part payment for a new pocket digital camera to replace the one which I lost last year. This has only been out with me once but has impressed me so much that I have decided to foregoe taking my bigger camera and lenses on my trips and to travel light, this will be particularly good when I travel by bus. As for the other part of the project, to build my own plate camera, this will be documented in its own sub site once I get underway with it.

10:04:2016 Winchester