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Halina150 / hanimex 35hs

Two for one deal

Halina 150

Hanimex 35HS


Camera type: Compact viewfinder

Lens Type: Halina 3 position aperture.

Shutter Type: Single speed 


Have you spotted the difference, yes, the names are different and one is black where the other is red. Apart from these obvious differences there is no difference. I believe there is also a Miranda version which is the same again, but this doesn't concern us here. This was an exercise in how to hit the market with 2 "different" cameras at the same time from the same production line, both made in Macoau. 

Cannons Ashby House - Halina 150

There is a good side, however, in that they are both quite capable little cameras. One thing they suffer from is poor light. Although they have a 3 position aperture they are not happy unless the sun is high in the sky, certainly not for "clever" photography. Definitely best used during the summer months and point away from the sun.  But if you observe these simple rules they do turn in a respectable performance. Focusing is simple, there isn't any, just point and shoot. They are very light and small enough to be carried in the pocket and come with wrist strap for easy carrying. All this makes for a great convenience camera for that day trip when you don't want to lug a camera bag around with you.

The Hanimex has no obvious faults but these two images show the difference between good light and poor light. No other factors have changed, these were both taken on the same roll of film.

I was in town yesterday and popped in to W H Smith to pick up a magazine, while I was waiting in the checkout queue I saw a merchandising basket of disposable cameras. These were on a special offer at 8.99, buy 1 get 1 free. Now before you think this is just an advert for Smiths there is a point. Just a few doors away is a Poundland where I have been known to buy film for, you've guessed it, one pound a roll. Now go back to the Smiths thing, 8.99 for 2 cameras makes them 4.50 each. I bought both of the cameras featured here in a charity shop for 1.99 each, add to that the one pound each for film and that still makes them only 2.99 each and these are reusable. Based on the criteria above the more you use them the cheaper they become in relative terms so why bother with disposables. Just a quick calculation says that after 10 rolls of film the Halina would owe you 12.00 where disposables would have cost you 45.00 even at that "special offer " price.

The three pictures above are from the Hanimex 35HS again showing that the sunshine definitely helps.

At close range the Halina worked fine this duck was only about 3 feet away.

To sum up this page I would say that these small plastic cameras, which are readily available form charity shops and car boot sales all over the country, represent exceptional value for money and can produce some really nice images. I will definitely be using the Hanimex again, the Halina will probably be pensioned off because of the lens fault.


Halina again this time showing off it's fine detail capabilities.

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