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Halina 3000 Feature

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Halina 3000


Camera type: Compact viewfinder

Lens Type: Halina Anastigmat f2.8 45mm

Shutter Type: Halina 4speed + B 30,60,125,250


Probably the best compact camera ever made by Hacking in Hong Kong is the Halina 3000. It represents the culmination of all that Halina learnt from the production of manual compact cameras from the early 35x through the amazingly popular Paulette to the Halina 300 which precedes it. The 3000 is a lightweight, mostly plastic, camera with a built in lightmeter, which utilizes the same EV principle as the Paulette. This is transposed from the meter reading to the lens, which, in turn sets the optimum speed/aperture. This allows for versatility in that it can be either shutter or aperture priority. i.e. set the speed and adjust the aperture until the correct EV appears in the window or set the aperture and adjust the speed accordingly.

In practice I found the lightmeter a bit lacking but bearing in mind that it is a seleinum meter which is over 30 years old it's accuracy cannot be guaranteed, shooting into the sun didn't help. Fortunately I was equipped with a separate lightmeter which gave more accurate reading and produced acceptable results.  Once I had accounted for the compensation factor I was back to the built in meter but setting 1 or 2 stops higher.

I have always had a great affinity with Halina cameras, after all, this is where it all began for me back in the late sixties with a Halina Rolls. I know that my comments can be less than kind sometimes but bear in mind the comments are only aimed from an engineering standpoint. Halina have always represented exceptional value for money and their performance is generally reliable. The lenses are where they score for me with amazingly good results, and lets face it, the best engineered camera in the world would be of little use if the lens didn't perform.

On the left is an example of the resolving power of the Halina lens. Taken on my first trip with this camera it has proved to be a favourite and hangs in my gallery as a framed 8 x 6 print. The detail in the woodwork of the seat and the blossom behind is testament to the lens. Incidentally, I know the picture is on a slope, the picture was taken this way to offset the lean of the tree. 

Time to reload for a second outing to generate some more pictures for this feature. It's Easter and the weather is decidedly changeable, fortunately I'm far enough south to avoid the worst of the appalling weather. The sun is shining as I head off along the Kennet valley looking for a nice village to photograph but by the time I have got anywhere the sun has given way to cloud. I grabbed a couple of shots before this turned to rain. The next day I needed to go into town so I popped down to the park to finish off the roll. It was snowing as I walked across town but I could see it was only a shower and by the time I had reached the park it had stopped and the sun was back.

The weather conditions cheated the lightmeter on these first shots so the exposures are a bit over. However the detail shows through and emphasises the quality of the lens.

As I have already said this is probably the best camera Halina produced. I really find it a pleasure to use, it's light compact and easy to use and produces some super pictures. As a bonus the lens has a 49mm thread which makes it useable with a wide range of filters.

Nowadays, more than ever, in terms of value it's hard or even impossible to beat for value. You can pick one of these up from charity shops or car boot sales for a couple of pounds, which, even with film, makes it cheaper than a disposable. 

Down in the park I managed to get a couple of shots of the snow before it disappeared, showing the freak weather. With the blossom on the trees and the flowers beginning to emerge at least shows that spring is on it's way. The picture below right is a close up of the one above with the point of focus set on the bush.  



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