Yashica Minister 2


The technical stuff:

Type: Rangefinder

Lens: Yashinon




The legend that is Yashica is finally in my hands and has completed a roll of film without jamming or breaking. Sorry to sound a bit negative but this is my 5th vintage Yashica (1 Lynx and 4 Ministers) and is the first one to go the distance. I have to say it is very impressive especially considering that this is the small lens Minister with only a selenium meter. If this can be achieved with the f2.8 lens it excites me to think what can be done with the big brother f1.7 on a Lynx or Electro. But enough conjecture, back to the camera in hand. A very hefty camera for it's size but all the more stable for it. Images a sharp and clear with fine details well presented allowing for enlargements up to A4 without any trouble. The only criticism in use would be the markings on the lightmeter which are very small and almost impossible to read without my glasses, but I'm sure with practice the position of the needle would be sufficient to know what setting you're at. The rangefinder itself proving to be very accurate at close range and all in all a great performer.






























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