Pentax ME Super


The technical stuff:

Type: Single Lens Reflex

Lens: Purchased as body only (Images created with Soligor 28 - 200mm)

Shutter: Focal Plane 4secs - 1/2000th sec. .




Another of the three bodies I obtained from the local camera shop at closedown. This was in need of repair and has failed once in use with the winder slipping on the ratchet but otherwise all is well. Unfortunately it didn't come with a lens but there are plenty of readily available lenses with Pentax mount. I like this big Soligor, it's incredibly heavy but amazingly versatile and the results are superb, that front lens element is a huge chunk of glass. As for the camera I'm not surprised that this has such a great reputation the handling and performance is great. I've never been a big Pentax lover but this is definitely trying to convert me, I will likely take it on another date and who knows what relationship might develop.





























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