Halina 150


The technical stuff:

Camera Type:- 35mm Compact Viewfinder 

Lens Type:- Fixed 38mm Halina Anastigmat with 3 position adjustment for exposure 

Shutter:- Fixed speed, presumably 150th if the name of the camera suggests anything.



I give in, I am no longer surprised by Halina cameras. They just take great pictures every time. this particular model even had a major fault in that the exposure adjuster was moving on the outside but underneath it was stuck with the maximum opening but not in alignment with the focal plane. It has a small plate with three different sized holes and if you looked through the camera from the back you could see that the aperture was open at the biggest hole but with a kind of three quarter moon opening. This did cause some darkening effects on the resultant images, not unlike vignetting, but some are still good enough to blow up to 12 x 8 . Another good little pocket camera from what is becoming one of my favourite stables.






































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