Pentax Optio 60 Special


Why have I created a special page for the Optio 60 I hear you say. Well, because this little camera has been the subject of a very long term test. 

It started back in August 2010 when I borrowed this for a "quick" test. I was so impressed that I subsequently bought the camera and it has gone everywhere with me for almost 3 years.



Pentax Optio 60


The picture to your right was what clinched this relationship. It was early one morning while I was waiting for the cafe to open when I took this shot inside the shopping centre, don't tell the management. The way it coped with the mixture of natural, tungsten and fluorescent lighting and still returned an honest picture amazed me somewhat. I certainly didn't expect this from a compact. At this point I decided that this needed taking out in the field for some real work and it has yet to disappoint me. Yes, it has it's limitations but the good far outweighs the bad. I can honestly say that I have taken more useable pictures with this than almost any other camera. It ranks within my top 5 digitals and is the number one compact to date. 


Introduced by Pentax in 2005 its unique (then) selling point being the intelligent auto mode, which, automatically adjusts the camera settings to the image. This was to make the camera easier to use for beginners.

I have created a gallery of images from this camera which I have put here at larger than normal size because I wanted to show how capable this little compact is. As with the image above it was the richness and honesty of colour and saturation which impressed me so much.


The Gallery



Now, that's what I call a splash of colour



Even on a miserable drizzly day in Bristol it returned some good shots




You can almost feel the texture of that flint wall



This is the colour of Cotswold stone



If I lived in a house like this I would have invented photography just so that I could take a picture of it




This is also on the camera page but I wanted to show it larger. In fact I have printed this to full A3 (16x12) and it is superb




Low light is not it's strong suit, but this was hand held at 0.5sec



Can you tell me the way to Church Green?



Bristol on a much brighter day




Last but not least


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